The Society’s member states have generally indicated that they do not perceive a significant increase in administration as a result of the new governance and financial reporting standards. It seems that the Society is largely already compliant with the new standards.

However, from the Society’s operational perspective, there are two broad, and related, factors that inform our responses to the specific consultation questions below. First, in accordance with the Society’s 2013–2016 Strategic Plan, the Society is currently moving towards a “One Society” model to harmonise the practices of our many entities. To this end, we are developing a set of nationwide operational policies and procedures. This process would clearly be vastly facilitated by the streamlining of processes in different jurisdictions in Australia.

Secondly, local branches of the Society have told us about the high administrative cost of multiple reporting to different governments/departments, and of sometimes conflicting requirements. Our Society, and the not-for-profit sector as a whole, will continue to bear high reporting costs if there is not consistency in the framework being adopted at all levels of government and for all government agencies.