About us

About us

The St Vincent de Paul Society is an international organisation formed of lay Catholics who seek personal and spiritual growth through serving those in need.

The St Vincent de Paul Society of Australia

From beginnings in France in the early 1800s, the St Vincent de Paul Society of Australia was founded in 1854. Commonly known in Australia as 'Vinnies', today we have over 45,000 members and volunteers across the country who give their time, care and compassion to assist the most vulnerable in our community.

Our membership is primarily Catholic and our work is based on Catholic Social Teachings. We assist whoever seeks our support, without judgement or prejudice. We do not discriminate against cultural, religious, political, gender or gender identity beliefs.

We work to combat social injustice by advocating for people who are marginalised or disadvantaged, or at risk of experiencing disadvantage. Our advocacy work goes to the heart of what the St Vincent de Paul Society stands for.

“The strongest hand of true friendship is charity; the exercise of charity is the practice of good works. ”

- Blessed Frederic Ozanam, founder of St Vincent de Paul Society

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