Our spirituality

Our spirituality

"For when I was hungry you gave me food..." Matthew 25:35

The spirituality of the Society is moved by the dignity of the human person enabling human flourishing, through inclusion, accompaniment and hope; the foundations of our Catholic social principles.

A photo of a woman in smart work clothes handing food to a man sitting on the street in a sleeping bag. wearing a beanie. His cardboard sign says jobless.

“Knowledge of the poor and needy is not gained by pouring over books...but by visiting the slums where they live, sitting by the bedside of the dying, feeling the cold they feel and learning from their lips the causes of their woes”

- Frédéric Ozanam

Our faith in action

Members of St Vincent de Paul Society are called Vincentians, this is a call of service to those in need to offer liberating love and share hope. 

Vincentians are dedicated to love and serve God through compassionate accompaniment of the marginalised, the abandoned and those who have been ostracised and excluded in the community. Vincentians do this by trusting in God's help through prayer, fellowship and service. With trust in God’s help, we see our work as a continuation of Christ’s own work.

Putting this faith into action, at the heart of Vincentian service are the qualities of gentleness, humility and genuine compassion to the needs of those they serve. Offering hope, transformation and restoration for a more just and compassionate society.

Spirituality - Members in Service

What is spirituality?

Every culture, religion and person is unique and expresses spirituality and seeks purpose in life in different ways. The Spiritual mission of the Society is to continue the mission of Jesus Christ. The Society sees in this ministry; compassion, commitment, respect, empathy and courage in our concern and dignity for all people and concern for all people, in everyday situations, especially the outcast, rejected, or deprived in our community.

Spirituality is also about relationships. The Society understands that we as people are searching and learning about faith and spirituality, and we use our Vinnies experience to develop and deepen our relationships with each other and the people we serve. The spirituality of the Society transcends the limitations of culture, traditions, generations and histories.

Serving in hope

Virtues that inspire Vincentians is hope and love; hope for a better world, a better future and compassion for all to take control of their own destiny.

The call to Holiness

Vincentians are called together to journey in holiness. Their ideal is to help relieve suffering for love alone, without thinking of any reward 'or advantage for themselves'.

They grow more perfect in love by expressing compassionate and tender love to the poor and one another.

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