Vinnies shops

Vinnies Shops

There’s no telling what treasures you’ll discover at your local Vinnies. Locate a Vinnies shop near you to start shopping or donating.

Ready to shop?

Donate goods

Our shops appreciate your donations of pre-loved items in good condition. We accept:

Clothing and accessories

This includes footwear, bags and jewellery. All items must be in good condition.


Children's toys

Books, CDs, DVDs and other media


Some electrical goods*

*Not all shops will accept all items

Please check if your local Vinnies can accept these goods before dropping them off

Support your community and the environment

Vinnies Shops enable you to donate and buy second-hand items in good condition. Every dollar you spend goes back into your local community to help people experiencing homelessness or disadvantage.

When you donate or buy quality goods through Vinnies, you’re helping to:

Help the environment

by reducing the impact of making and distributing new products

Reduce landfill

Use less paper and plastic packaging

Support Australians

who are disadvantaged or facing tough times by contributing to the second-hand economy

Become a shop volunteer

Vinnies Shops operate on the generosity of our volunteer retail assistants and donation sorters.

We’re always looking for new volunteers.

Become a volunteer

Two smiling women who volunteer for Vinnies shops are standing in a Vinnies shop.

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