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The National Council of Australia

The St Vincent de Paul Society National Council of Australia aspires to work towards a country transformed by compassion and built on justice. 

National Council of Australia purpose

The purpose of our National Council is to represent and guide The Society nationally, enabling the state and territory councils in achieving our mission.

Our National Council is instituted by the International Council General and guided by the Society’s statutes outlined in The Rule.

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170 years of Good Works

Members of our National Council

Members of our National Council include our President, and the Presidents of our six State and two Territory Councils, our Spiritual Advisor, youth representative, and office bearers. Presidents are elected by Members. Office holders are appointed by the National President. The Spiritual Advisor's role is to facilitate the Council to be ‘genuine communities of faith and love, of prayer and action’ and ‘meet as brothers and sisters with Christ in the midst of them.‘ The Rule.

The members of National Council (The Rule, Art 15) are the members of the St Vincent de Paul Society National Council of Australia Inc. and are the directors of the Association’s board (Association Constitution, Cl 10).

National Council is a member of two related entities:


National Council Secretariate supports and assists National Council implement its Strategic Plan.

Our Secretariate is led by the National Council CEO, Toby oConnor

National Council Organisation Chart

Review of The Rule Part III

The National Council is reviewing Part III of The Rule.

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