The Rule Part III Review

The Rule Part III Review

National Council has initiated a review of Part III of The Rule.

1st draft of proposed amendments

National Council has endorsed the 1st draft of proposed amendments to The Rule Part III and these are available to Members.

The proposed amendments, along with an explanation of the proposed amendments, are contained in three documents.

  1. Explanatory Memorandum
  2. Articles or if you wish to print the document, use this version: Articles print version
  3. Procedural Guidelines or if you wish to print the document, use this version: Procedural Guidelines print version

A number of State Councils requested an extension to the consultation period. 

There was an extensive consultation period between December 2022 and July 2023.

The last submission was received in mid-July 2023.

2nd draft of proposed amendments

At its meeting in July 2023, National Council confirmed the next iteration of the draft proposed amendments is to proceed. 

It agreed to form a separate small working group to explore Articles 14, 15 & 16. When the work of this group is complete, the output will be provided to the Rule Review Committee for consideration.

Next steps

The Rule Review Committee will revise the timeline (below) and will inform members when the 2nd draft document will be available for feedback – this is expected around October-November 2023.

Review of the Rule Part III timeline (pdf file).