National Council Strategic Plan

National Council Strategic Plan

The cover of a publication with the words Good Works Together and Strategic Plan 2023 - 27 and the Vinnie's logo. In yellow and blue


The National Council of Australia is the steward of the mission of the Society in Australia.  

It is responsible for ensuring Vincentian spirituality and principles and The Rule are central to fulfilling the Mission of the Society and to the governance of the Society.  

National Council works in solidarity and collaboratively with State and Territory Councils to facilitate, and to support, the work of members and local Conferences.  

The offering of good works is founded on the principle of subsidiarity allowing decisions to be made by the competent authority at the level closest to the point of effect. The principal instance of subsidiarity is the autonomy given to Conferences.   

All Councils, Conferences and Members are bound together in solidarity to the world-wide confederation of the Society. In this manner Members, Conferences and Councils are always “One Society”. 

Good Works Together is National Council’s 2023 – 2027 Strategic Plan.

There are five core pillars, each with a Vision statement, for National Council’s leadership to strive to achieve over the four-year period.   

Each pillar lists a series of Objectives that identify key outcomes to reflect what success looks like.  

Vincentian Spirituality

Vision: Our Vincentian Spirituality teaches us to respect the dignity of all people and to see Christ in them 


  1. A national commitment and approach to enhancing our understanding of our Vincentian mission.
  2. The Society is a Catholic lay organisation that embeds Catholic Social Teaching within all our good works and responses to poverty in the modern world.
  3. Our understanding of vulnerability in today's society is guided by Catholic Social Teachings

      Our People

      Vision: A welcoming and inclusive Society that nurtures collaborative engagement in the good work by members, staff and volunteers 


      1. A shared sense of Vincentian mission by Our People with mutual respect for the contribution and role of each. 
      2. An increasing base of Our People reflecting the communities in which we serve. 
      3. An increased participation by younger members, with clear pathways through the Society. 

          Good Works

          Vision: The Society is responsive to the individual needs of people facing poverty and significant events in Australia and our region 


          1. The Society is a trusted partner with governments, and other community organisations, for the delivery of assistance, key policy areas and social justice initiatives. 
          2. The Society is committed to understanding our impact and how Our People can strengthen our good works.  


          Vision: The Society is a leading and trusted advocate for those in need in our community  


          1. The Society’s advocacy contributes to the understanding of the causes of poverty and injustice.  
          2. Our People, and others, are well informed about and contribute to our advocacy strategies. 

            Leadership, Governance and Sustainability

            Vision: National Council promotes collaborative, contemporary leadership and governance frameworks as guided by the Rule, and ensures the sustainability of its work as a member-based organisation   


            1. The role of National Council and its relationships with State and Territory Councils are clearly articulated. 
            2. National frameworks, approaches and initiatives that support, align and advance the work of the Society, including increased national collaboration that ensures greater sustainability, compliance, risk management and effectiveness of services offered.
            3. National Council, and our State and Territory Councils, champion National Councils in Oceania to become sustainable through twinning initiatives. 
            4. A commitment to safe environments that welcome, and are responsive to, diversity and inclusion and offer safety to children and vulnerable adults. 


            National Council’s Secretariate is responsible for providing half yearly reports to National Council on the progress of Good Works Together with special attention to highlighting the outcomes that derive from activities undertaken. 

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