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The St Vincent de Paul Society was founded in Paris in 1833 by Frédéric Ozanam. The Society was established by like-minded people who wanted to put their Catholic faith into action.

An old sepia photo of France - Rue Mauffelard.

Story of The St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia

The first Australian conference of St Vincent de Paul Society was established by Father Gerald Ward at St Francis’ Church, Melbourne, on 5 March 1854.

The compassionate outlook, enthusiasm and vision of the Society's founders continues today. Over 45,000 members and volunteers across the country share their time, care for humanity and energy to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged people.

What St Vincent de Paul Society does

We provide support to people living in poverty or seeking assistance through more than 200 programs and services across the country.

From emergency housing and homelessness support to disaster recovery and general support like home visits and providing food, our help is delivered on a local level throughout our communities.

We stand for a Fairer Australia

Those who serve through St Vincent de Paul Society are called to feed, clothe, house and assist our brothers and sisters who are forced onto the margins of society. In assisting people who are excluded from full participation in the life of their community, we make a prophetic statement about the equality and human dignity of all people in God’s sight.

We work to combat social injustice by advocating for people who are marginalised or disadvantaged, or at risk of experiencing disadvantage. Our advocacy work goes to the heart of what St Vincent de Paul Society stands for.

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