Social Services Legislation Amendment (Payment Integrity) Bill 2017

Social Services Legislation Amendment (Payment Integrity) Bill 2017 

Social Justice
Income Support
15/08/2017 12:00 PM

The St Vincent de Paul Society opposes the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Payment Integrity) Bill 2017.

The Society highlights concerns regarding its potential impact on vulnerable people. The Society argues that income support payments should ensure human dignity and an adequate standard of living based on need.

The Bill's four schedules propose various measures, including extending residency requirements for accessing pensions, limiting overseas pension supplements, adjusting Family Tax Benefits, and prolonging waiting periods for unemployment and student benefits.

Despite the Government's assertion that these measures promote self-reliance and bolster the social security system, the Society contends that the Bill will exacerbate inequality while disproportionately affecting low-income individuals.

The Society fears that provisions within the Bill will impact vulnerable groups and create of a two-tier classification for migrants, perpetuating social divisions.

The Society argues for a more balanced approach to budget repair, advocating against exclusive cuts to social spending, and calls for an independent body to evaluate payment adequacy based on living costs and current evidence. 

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