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Consistent Waiting Periods for New Migrants

Social Services Legislation Amendment (Consistent Waiting Periods for New Migrants) Bill 2021 

Social Justice
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26/07/2021 12:00 PM

The St Vincent de Paul Society National Council of Australia opposes the Social Services Legislation Amendment Bill 2021, criticising the proposed extension of waiting periods for income support as unjust and discriminatory.

The Society argues that the Bill will cause detrimental impacts. Extended waiting periods for income support will disproportionately affect recent migrants, particularly those with disabilities, carers, women, and children.

The submission also highlights that most carer visa holders are female; and that extending waiting periods for Family Tax Benefits is likely to push more children into poverty and/or hinder women fleeing family violence.

The Society is critical of significant funding for the immigration detention network, and notes that one of the few forms of Government support available to asylum seekers, the Status Resolution Support Service, has been significantly cut back. Given the positive economic contributions of migrants, and the already lengthy process of obtaining permanent residency, the Society opposes treating them inconsistently to the general population.

The Society urges the committee to reject the bill because it is contrary to social cohesion, fairness, and equality.

Download our submission (pdf file)

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