Become a Society Member

Become a Society Member

Work with Queenslanders in need, to provide a hand up, not just a hand out.

Members Larry Mann and Frank Ford with Christmas 2022 donations

Becoming a Member

The satisfaction of helping others

Sense of community and friendship

Learn new skills

Sharing your skills with a good cause

The Good Works of the Society are made possible due to an expansive network of generous Members across the state.

As a Member, you will have the profound opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others, working side-by-side with those in need in our community. Our support takes various forms, tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. 

By becoming a Member, you embody our values by operating with compassion and dignity, demonstrating your commitment to serving all people with respect and empathy. This journey will not only enrich the lives of those we assist but also nurture your own personal growth. 

For some Society Members, this is a chance to use their skills and experience to volunteer in their local community. For others, Membership provides a chance to develop new skills and gain experience in a supportive environment. 

Whatever reason you're interested in Membership, the one thing that unites all Members is the desire to help those in-need and seek change in the community.

Our Members 

Our Members come from all backgrounds and walks of life but are united in their mission to serve their communities and help those in need. 

Our members are the backbone of our organisation and are called to seek out and support people who are disadvantaged, marginalised or living in poverty. They do this voluntarily whilst also challenging community attitudes and government policies about a range of issues impacting Australians.  

Without our Members, our mission would not be possible. In their good works, Members aspire to follow the example set by Jesus, St Vincent de Paul, and Frederic Ozanam, preserving dignity by serving those in need with respect. However, even those that aren’t connected to faith find much fulfillment in serving those in need, as all of our Members have unique reasons for serving with the Society, and all share the core value of compassion for their community. 

How a Member Helps

You can make a difference to the lives of vulnerable people in the community. There are a variety of opportunities for Members to serve in their local community. Depending on location, these might include: 

“No work of charity is foreign to the Society.”

- The Rule (1.3)
Rockhampton Members working in pantry

Ready to Join?

“To be able to give HOPE and LOVE to people who had lost their way... is something that fills your soul and makes you feel good”

- Julie Ryan, Member
Picture of Society Member, Neil Bradley

Neil reflects on 70 years with the Society  

In 1952, a then 18-year-old Neil was approached by the President of the Ipswich Conference to become a Member of the St Vincent de Paul Queensland and help his local community.  

Now retired from the Society, Neil looks back fondly on every moment over the last 70+ years and cannot imagine life without the Society in it.  

“Being a Member over the last few decades has been incredibly rewarding and is a really important part of my life,” he said.  

“A lot has changed over the years – I remember when I was 19, giving a local woman who was struggling to put food on the table 10 pence to get her through the weekend.  

“The look of appreciation on her face is something I will never forget.”  

Although retired, Neil is still an active Member of the community and looks forward to more young people carrying on his good work, and the support that the Society provides.  

“The next generation of Members is really important in carrying on the genuine work that the Society does,” he said.  

For those who are considering becoming a Member, it’s a great opportunity to meet people and help others, even if it’s just lending an ear.” 

“One of the best parts is the community of St Vincent de Paul Society with everyone having the same heart and vision to improve the lives of our companions.”

- Theresa Nicholas, Member

Frequently Asked Questions

A SVDP Conference is a local group based in local communities. Members of St Vincent de Paul Society QLD belong to Conferences and meet regularly to share their experiences and reflect on their service.  

The Society’s founder, Blessed Frederic Ozanam, strongly believed that for each act of service to be a true expression of faith and love, Members must come together in prayer, to explore and grow their personal and Vincentian spirituality. 

While Conferences are often based in a Catholic parish, a Conference can be established within any community, provided they are endorsed by an appropriate Council within The Society.

Yes. If you are a Conference Member it is expected you are committed to living the Society mission, serving those in need and attending regular Conference meetings.

However, we understand that everyone’s circumstances are different and you may not be able to attend meetings. We have a category of Membership called ‘Associate Membership’ that allows more flexibility for our Members to engage with the Society without attending Conference meetings.

No, you do not need to be Catholic to be a Member. While the Society is a lay Catholic organisation, we welcome people of all backgrounds and beliefs who support our mission to help people who are disadvantaged and living in poverty.

However, to uphold the mission and ethos of the Society, some leadership roles require Members to be of a Catholic faith.

To become a Member, simply express your interest to join via the form below and someone from your local Conference will be in touch with more information. Please note, all new Members will need to complete a police check before undertaking any work with the Society.

As much or as little as you can. The Society recognises that the level of involvement Members can commit to will vary depending on their personal circumstances such as study, work, and family commitments.

Members and volunteers are also supported to adjust their commitment as their personal circumstances change.

Yes. All new Members are provided with an orientation to the Society and there are ongoing training opportunities.

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