Prisoner Re-integration

Prisoner Re-integration

We understand that re-integrating into society after prison can be difficult. We're here to help.

Supporting People Through Post-Release Supported Accommodation  

The St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland is always there, and always will be.

For people exiting correctional centres after a period of incarceration, it can be incredibly difficult to adjust to life in the community. At St Vincent de Paul QLD, we support people re-integrating back into their community after prison, who would otherwise experience homelessness after their release.  

Our Post-Release Supported Accommodation service is for males aged 18 and over who are leaving a Queensland correctional facility into parole supervision. Many of these men will have several complex needs that require support to manage and overcome.  

Our Prisoner Re-integration program provides safe, supported prisoner release accommodation so that unnecessary stays in custody are reduced. We will assess, plan, facilitate, and advocate for you to secure longer-term housing, ultimately aiming to give you the best possible chance to be part of the community once more.   

Assistance includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Helping to obtain housing following release from custody, 
  • Helping to improve skills in finding suitable housing and keeping housing longer-term,  
  • Helping to build capacity to be independent, self-reliant, and connected to a social and community support network.   

Where The Service Is Located 

Our Post-Release Supported Accommodation service is in the following four regions in Queensland:   

  • Cairns,   
  • Townsville,   
  • Moreton Bay,   
  • Toowoomba.  
ex-prisoner hugging his puppy in home

Are You Eligible?

Father and son hugging having been re-integrated after prison

How To Get Help

We operate this service under the Queensland Government Human Services Quality Framework. You can learn more about this framework here. 

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