Resources and initiatives to help develop compassionate students.

At St Vincent de Paul QLD, we are passionate about supporting your school community to develop students and future leaders who are compassionate, empathetic and socially aware. 

We offer a wide range of initiatives all year round. These school initiatives give your students the chance to support their local community and give back, by participating in the Good Works of the Society.  

We also provide a number of curriculum resources that are linked to the National Australian Curriculum, designed to support the subjects already being taught in the classroom. We offer teachers service-learning experiences so that you can further develop a deeper understanding of homelessness and other social injustices people are facing across Australia.

Please note: Not all school programs are available in every diocese. Please Refer to the specific program page for further information. 

Curriculum Resources

Your resource hub of Vinnies National Australian Curriculum teaching tools for students.

Initiatives & Programs

School initiatives and programs for student development and community support.

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