We believe in advocating for people who are vulnerable and in-need.

How We Advocate  

At St Vincent de Paul Society QLD, our members, volunteers and staff all work together to help shape a more just and compassionate community across Queensland. Through our advocacy efforts we are here to be a voice for the voiceless.  

We work with the other St Vincent de Paul Society state and territory offices to provide advocacy support for social justice and the rights of marginalised groups in our community.  

Our four key advocacy points are:

  • Housing
  • Income Support Payments
  • First Nations Peoples
  • Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Taking Action To Create Change 

At St Vincent de Paul Society QLD, we are all about taking action to create change. We help the most vulnerable Queenslanders improve their conditions, by encouraging better policies that will benefit them. This includes, but is not limited to, working to improve their housing situation, providing adequate disaster relief response, and providing greater financial wellbeing support.   

We work closely with leaders from Local, State, and Federal Governments, urging greater investments in social and affordable housing, and homelessness and poverty support.  

Our Members and staff advocate to support individuals by speaking to landlords and phone providers, and push for greater assistance regarding rent, energy, loans, and more.

We also generate conversation in the media on key issues, to increase awareness and spark action on our advocacy areas of focus, shown below.  

Advocacy is integral in the St Vincent de Paul Society QLD's pursuit of a better world for all, and is a key pillar in our organisational strategy.

Our Housing Advocacy Initiatives 

The St Vincent de Paul Society believes every Queenslander has the right to the dignity and security that comes with affordable housing. We work to encourage local, state, and federal Governments to invest in affordable and social housing across Queensland.  

Through our homelessness advocacy work, we are reducing poverty and homelessness in our communities and working towards fairer housing opportunities for all. We also advocate for housing by supporting other advocacy organisations campaigns and causes, such as QCOSS’s Town of Nowhere.

Housing is a right, not a luxury, and we continue to fight for equal access to housing for all.

man being helped by Vinnies sitting with Volunteer at his house

Man sitting with daughter at their house

Our Income Support Payment Advocacy Initiatives  

The St Vincent de Paul Society believes every Queenslander should have access to income support payments if, and when, they need it.   

Through our JobSeeker advocacy program, we are working to increase the rent assistance available and base rate of income support payments (such as JobSeeker) to help lift more Queenslanders out of poverty.

The Society is passionate about giving those experiencing hardship the support they need to get back on their feet, and ensuring they are financially supported can make a big impact in times of crisis.

Our First Nations Peoples and Asylum Seeker and Refugee Advocacy Initiatives 

The St Vincent de Paul Society QLD believes that every person should be treated the same, no matter their religion, ethnicity or migration status. 

Through our First Nations Peoples and Asylum Seeker and Refugee advocacy efforts, we are working alongside our Social Justice Committee to support and fight injustice against Australia’s First Nations People, refugees, and people seeking asylum.  

Everyone deserves a safe place to call home that is protected and free of discrimination and violence.

Three Vinnies employees attending advocacy event for the indigenous voice vote

Photo of a media interview taking place with Vinnies CEO Kevin

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