Ways to volunteer

There are many ways in which volunteers can engage with the work of St Vincent de Paul Society in the Northern Territory.

The following list is just a starting point! Contact us to discuss which option is best for you.

 For those who love to help

  • Visit an elderly person in their home for a cup of tea, to read to them or simply have a chat
  • Take an elderly person on an outing
  • Serve breakfast or lunch to those experiencing homelessness at Ozanam House
  • Do the laundry for those experiencing homelessness at Ozanam House
  • Prepare a hamper of personal items that will support a person experiencing homelessness
  • Prepare a “glory box” for those transitioning from one of our facilities
  • Be part of our emergency relief service
  • Prepare Christmas hampers for our clients
  • Serve Christmas lunch at Ozanam House, Ormonde House or Bakhita

For those who love the outdoors

  • Do gardening at any of our sites
  • Take our clients on a fishing trip for the day
  • Take our clients to the park for a BBQ
  • Take our clients on a special outing eg: Territory Wildlife Park, Crocodylus Park

For those who are handy or crafty

  • Lead a Men’s Shed type activity with our clients
  • Spend the day with our Maintenance team and assist with a project
  • Paint one of our facilities
  • Lead a craft activity with our clients
  • Knit blankets for our clients
  • Design craft items for sale in our Vinnies stores (eg: nappy packs, jean bags, fascinators)

For those with faith

  • Conduct a bible study group with our clients
  • Visit an elderly or lonely person in their home to pray with them
  • Offer prayer groups for those that request prayer on our website
  • Prepare daily bible verses for our website
  • Prepare daily inspirational quotes for our Facebook page

For those with specialised skills

  • Be a bus driver for group outings
  • Share your multi-lingual skills to support those isolated due to low literacy or English
  • Offer tuition for students or to older people wanting to improve their English
  • Share your IT skills and conduct classes or individual sessions to improve computer literacy
  • Assist us with troubleshooting IT issues that occur in our offices/stores/services

For those who love to cook

  • Prepare group meals for our clients at Ozanam House or Ormonde House
  • Conduct cooking classes for our clients at Bakhita, Park Lodge, Ormonde House and Bernhard Street
  • Prepare individual meals for the elderly who are part of our Community Home Support program
  • Prepare special treats for our clients

For those with artistic or musical talent

  • Share your musical skills by performing for our clients or at events hosted by St Vincent de Paul Society
  • Provide musical tuition to our clients at Bakhita, Park Lodge, Ormonde House and Ozanam House
  • Conduct art classes with our clients
  • Conduct art classes with the children of our clients
  • Conduct an art class with several elderly clients in a group setting

For professional people

Use your research or data analysis skills to:

  • Lead or assist a research project to understand the needs of our members and volunteers
  • Undertake a research project to identify gaps in our service provision
  • Conduct data analysis to better understand our clients and their needs
  • Manage a research initiative to advocate for change in key areas of our service
  • Review our donor base and donation history to identify opportunities and areas for improvement

Use your financial skills to:

  • Improve our asset management practices and conduct regular reviews of our asset registers
  • Improve our management reporting
  • Set up regular reporting on rent arrears and vacancy rates within our Housing portfolio
  • Assist with end of month activities
  • Providing financial literacy training to our clients
  • Assist clients with budgeting

Use your marketing, photography or writing skills to:

  • Conduct a brand audit across all St Vincent de Paul Society locations
  • Review our website for structural, navigation and content changes
  • Visit our stores to review our merchandising and create visual displays
  • Develop a photo gallery of merchandise, clients and facilities
  • Prepare a series of press releases or case studies of activities across the Society
  • Prepare our Instagram posts for the week
  • Prepare our Facebook posts for the week
  • Provide event management assistance for events such as Community Sleepout and fundraising events

Use your fundraising skills to:

  • Review our fundraising campaigns to identify opportunities and areas for improvement
  • Conduct fundraising appeal
  • Conduct fundraising events and provide support for major initiatives
  • Review our donor base and donation history to identify opportunities and areas for improvement

Use your HR skills to:

  • Review our induction process and make recommendations of areas for improvement
  • Prepare induction kits
  • Prepare reports on staff retention
  • Review results of team/volunteer satisfaction surveys and develop initiatives to improve team/volunteer engagement and satisfaction
  • Prepare training plans for all team members and volunteers

For outgoing people (who love to be part of a group)

  • Volunteer in one of our Vinnies stores

For those who love to organise and make order out of chaos

  • Provide administrative support in our office
  • Sort clothing in a store or in our warehouse
  • Decluttering an elderly person’s home as they prepare to move to Residential Aged Care
  • Providing life skills to clients to ensure smooth transition to their own home

For more information

For more information on volunteering, please call us on 08 8948 8100 or email volunteering@svdpnt.org.au

Find a PDF file of this information here.