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An image with a blue background and a yellow wheel to the right that displays the process of the Vinnies shops. To the left is the text "Donate, Shop, Repeat" in the colour blue with a yellow background for the text. Inside the wheel is graphics of donated items that can be found in Vinnies WA shops.

Vinnies is more than a store!

Our Vinnies Retail Stores are our Centres of Charity. They are a vibrant and visible presence in the Northern Territory with ten stores and a warehouse across Darwin, Katherine, Tenant Creek and Alice Springs. For a Companion, Vinnies can be a place to meet a need, whether for clothing, household items and connection, or on a more serious note, to reach out for emergency relief. To the community, they are a treasure trove of amazing bargains, vintage wear, a special costume or sometimes a designer label. To our operations, Vinnies sales underpin our capacity to deliver Community Programs and Services.

Donation Information - DO's and DONT's

Please don't leave donations outside our bins over night... Save them, keep them in your car, drop them into a Vinnies Store. Our donation bins will be emptied regularly so please try again later if they are full.
Our donation points are sometimes visited in the night and vandalised.
Save precious donations from ransacking and the tip - See our Do's and Don'ts to donating...

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