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Housing Plus

Vinnies Housing Plus Program is a referral only service accepted from external agencies.

Vinnies Housing Service aims to reduce housing stress, giving people a stable foundation and secure base to rebuild their lives and participate in their community.

Vinnies Housing Service is responsible for the property, tenancy management and maintenance for our Specialist Community Services buildings as well as the referrals for our Housing Plus Program.

Being able to provide secure housing allows people to focus on other aspects of their lives and work on long term goals with their support worker including health and well-being, employment, education and their long term housing needs.

All homes are ready to move into with furniture, cooking utensils, crockery and bedding packs which means we can facilitate emergency placements quickly and easily.

The program is for families and young people who face barriers accessing housing and are willing to engage and have the capacity to meet tenancy responsibilities.

Our flexible tenancy management model is person centred, strength based and offers the capacity to manage tenancies on a case by case basis. This enables Vinnies Housing Plus to offer a safe, secure and supportive environment that enables tenants to engage with their external support workers and plan for their long-term housing goals.

Our homes come fully furnished and are move-in ready, including white goods, bedding and crockery. This allows us to seamlessly coordinate the transition to stable accommodation for families and youth in crisis who meet the eligibility criteria. Tenants are responsible for their utility costs and set up (electricity and gas), with water usage costs that are on-charged separately by Vinnies.

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Services offered:

Vinnies Housing Plus Program is a referral only service accepted from external agencies.

  • Strengths based approach
  • Flexible tenancy management
  • Collaboration with support providers
  • Move-in ready fully furnished homes
  • 3 to 12-month leases
  • Responsive property maintenance service
  • Tenancy advocacy
  • Links to other Vinnies WA services

How can I find out more?

For further information, please contact us at Vinnies Housing Service.

P 08 9374 3200

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