Homelessness Services
A photo of a Vinnies WA volunteer and a woman sitting opposite each other in a kitchen area. The volunteer is looking at the woman and has her face towards the camera, while the woman has her back towards the camera. The volunteer is smiling and wearing a blue Vinnies pique jersey.

Homelessness Services

Vinnies homelessness services operate within a unique Low Threshold and Change model, enabling people who often can’t access other services to be given highly specialised support to find a pathway out of homelessness.

Clients are met without judgement and treated with dignity and respect. They are provided with a safe and positive place in their time of need and given help to achieve their life goals.

Passages Youth Engagement Hub

Passages is a Youth Engagement Hub providing a non-judgemental safe space to our communities most marginalised and at risk young people in Perth and Peel

Vinnies Tom Fisher House

Tom Fisher House is part of Vinnies Homelessness Service and is an intensive intervention service for those experiencing long term homelessness.

Case for Support - Youth Homelessness

Every night, vulnerable young people are being shut out and refused overnight accommodation. We have the commitment, experience and an evidence-based model to open doors for them and stop the cycle of homelessness.

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