National Debt Helpline
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National Debt Helpline

For direct assistance,
please give us a call

We can help you to make your debts more manageable. Seek help quickly and don’t ignore your debt.

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National Debt Helpline

Vinnies operates the National Debt Helpline in Western Australia.

Call the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007 when you’re in financial trouble.

Trained financial counsellors will assess your situation and provide you with free advice to help you move on. If your matter is more complex, they can refer you to your closest face-to-face financial counselling service.

How long the helpline call takes

The length of your phone financial counselling session will depend on your individual enquiry. Our financial counsellors may arrange to call you back for a longer chat if needed, or they might ask you to pop in to see a counsellor in your local area if your situation is more complex.

When you call, try to have the following information ready:

  • Details of your income
  • A list of all debts
  • Copies of (or information about) all loan agreements
  • Details of current and outstanding bills
  • Copies of (or information about) any court documents you’ve received
  • Letters about bills and debts that seem urgent

If you don’t have everything, don’t worry. We’ll work through it with you when you call.

They may be able to assist you by:

    • Doing a full assessment of your financial situation to help you fully understand your position – including regular income and expenditure, assets and liabilities
    • Providing advice on how to negotiate with creditors, government agencies or other business providers
    • Negotiating directly with creditors on your behalf in certain circumstances
    • Providing advice about what options, rights and responsibilities you may have
    • Referring you to other services you may need, such as legal services, crisis food and accommodation services, and health services

They can provide information and advice about:

    • Credit and debt-related matters
    • The rights of debtors
    • The pros and cons of bankruptcy
    • Working out a realistic payment plan for debts
    • How to access other specialist support services, including gambling, family support, personal counselling, legal aid and emergency relief

Financial counsellors don’t:

    • Charge any fees for this service
    • Complete tax returns
    • Provide investment advice (that’s the role of financial planners)

How can I find out more?

National Debt Helpline

For further information, please contact us Monday to Friday 9:30am to 4:30pm.

P 1800 007 007   
W www.ndh.org.au

Financial Counselling

This is a free and confidential service arranged by appointment only Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm.

P 08 6323 7500

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