Mental Health Services
A Vinnies WA volunteer and a man are sitting down talking. The volunteer is looking at the man and has her face to the camera, while the man has his back to the camera. In the background is a TV on the wall and a guitar.

Mental Health Services

Vinnies Mental Health Services provides people with help to make informed choices about their recovery with specialised support.

Vinnies Mental Health Service is a recovery focused supported accommodation service for adults with a persistent and enduring mental health diagnosis who may otherwise be at risk of homelessness.

The Village is a 28 unit facility which provides 24 hour person centred supported service that promotes the residents recovery and maximising their independence. Our Community Shared Houses support up to 24 individuals whose needs are less intensive across a number of locations close to the Village.

The focus is for our residents to work towards increasing self sufficiency, and is tailored to meet the needs of the individual. Vinnies Mental Health Services recognises the uniqueness of the individual and works with them in partnership to build a good life which offers hope, real choices and a positive sense of self. Residents are situated within the service depending on their level of need at intake. Our service is not time limited so residents can be supported to transition out of our service when they are ready to do so.

A photo of a man and a Vinnies WA volunteer sitting down in chair opposite each other having a conversation. The volunteer is holding a green brochure while the man is smiling at him.

Services offered:

  • Strength based approach
  • Recovery supported case management
  • Daily living skills support
  • Professional peer support worker
  • Group based activities
  • Home cooked meals
  • Links to medical services and professional resources

How can I find out more?

Mental Health Services operates a waiting list for its accommodation services. Basic information about referral processes can be provided by phoning the service. For further information, please contact us at Mental Health Services.

P 08 9374 3200

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