Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching

Educate your students on Catholic Social Teaching.

Our Catholic Social Teaching Resources  

At St Vincent de Paul QLD, we have created these National Australian Curriculum resources for schools to help students learn about Catholic Social Teaching.  

These Curriculum resources were created for teachers, to help them explore Catholic Social Teaching by examining scripture, encyclicals, catechisms and papal quotes in the classroom. Students then use their own understanding of Catholic Social Teachings and apply them to social justice issues such as homelessness, poverty and asylum seekers and refugees.   

What The Catholic Social Teaching Resources Include 

You can access our school resources, including a Fact Book about Catholic Social Teaching.

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Student Activities and Teacher Guides


  • Each of the activities can be either printed or completed electronically. Please note that some activities may require printing in order to be completed
  • Some activities may not have a teachers guide, this is typically when the students responses are subjective or creative
  • Some of the tasks may require the use of additional support documents, these can be found below under the Support Documents Section

Resources Include:

  • Guides for structuring and editing short stories, diary entries, letters, news articles and factual recounts
  • A guide for creating graphs with Microsoft Excel
  • A guide for using the statistics website Gapminder
  • A brief guide to the UN’s 30 Human Rights
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