Vinnies CEO Sleepout


A single night of sleeping rough that can make a massive impact for those in need.

Join the movement 

Every night, over 21,000 individuals in Queensland experience homelessness. As the cold winter months settle in, everyday Queenslanders, community groups, schools, and business leaders come together to raise vital funds for Vinnies' homelessness services, and the Vinnies 500 homes project.

This single night under the stars can change lives, including yours. Will you join us? 

Our Sleepouts

CEO Sleepout

Learn more about our CEO Sleepout event.

Community Sleepout

Learn more about our Community Sleepout events.

Why Sleepout? 

Homelessness has become a frightening reality for thousands of Queenslanders and their families, who are losing their rentals and homes, and finding themselves sleeping rough for the first time. By participating in a Vinnies Sleepout, you can help break the cycle of homelessness.  

Your involvement helps us raise awareness and crucial funds to provide emergency food, accommodation, education, counselling, employment support, and health services to those in need.  

Together, we can build safe and sustainable housing, and continue working towards breaking the cycle of homelessness for good. 

CEO Sleepout 

The Vinnies CEO Sleepout is Australia's premier event for CEOs and business leaders. Held on one of the longest and coldest nights of the year, CEOs, business owners, and community and government leaders across Queensland sleep outdoors to show their support for individuals experiencing homelessness and those at risk.  

Each participant commits to raising funds that directly contribute to Vinnies' essential services. The event takes place at various locations across Queensland, with both physical and virtual participation options available.  

Check out the CEO Sleepout website here to find out specific locations and dates and to register your interest today.

CEO's and leaders sleeping on cardboard on the beach at the CEO Sleepout event

Picture of students and community members setting up cardboard shelter at Toowoomba Community Sleepout

Community Sleepout 

A Vinnies Community Sleepout provides an opportunity for your community to gain firsthand insight into the realities of homelessness by spending one night sleeping rough.  

Schools, youth groups, community organisations, local governments, and small businesses come together across Queensland to deepen their understanding of homelessness.  

If you're interested in hosting a Community Sleepout in your area, please get in touch. We will assist you in organising the event, providing a How-to guide and basic marketing assets to support your efforts. 

Join us in the fight against homelessness. Visit our website here to learn more and find an event in your local area.  

Together, we can create a future where everyone has a place to call home. 

CEO Sleepout participants group photo 2022

Join the Sleepout

This single night under the stars can change lives, including yours. Will you join us? 

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