Partner with Vinnies WA

Partner with Vinnies WA

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Together we can help people experiencing poverty.

Vinnies works to improve and empower the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged people in our community.

To be the most effective, we work together with other support agencies and businesses to make a lasting difference to peoples’ lives.

We need partners to support our work and help fight poverty and inequality.

Vinnies works with corporate businesses in a range of ways, aiming to establish holistic and long-term relationships that deliver strategic value to our partners and their customers.

Our corporate partnership program offers the following options:

Become a Vinnies partner

Businesses that partner with Vinnies get the opportunity to profoundly impact people’s lives, and to promote the values that drive them.

Sponsor an event

Corporate sponsorships provide businesses with substantial brand leveraging and marketing association, and the chance to profile your corporate social responsibility.

Make a donation

Financial donations make a tangible difference to the lives of people facing hardship. Consider donating a small percent of your profit, or supporting your employees to make pre-tax donations via payroll.

In-kind support

In-kind support such as probono advice, donation of goods, donation of services, are all vital in helping Vinnies to reduce its costs and direct more funds towards helping people in need.

Team volunteering

Increase staff engagement and morale by supporting your teams to volunteer their time, knowledge and/or skills to help people in need. Vinnies can to accommodate individuals, small groups, and teams of up to 20 people volunteering.

Fundraise at work

Create your own workplace fundraiser and have fun whilst sharing your passion for helping people facing hardship.

Thank you to all our current supporters.

Partners - Enabling us to support and empower people experiencing poverty and hardship.

Sponsors - Providing vital support to our projects and programs.

Supporters - Contributing generous pro bono and in-kind support.

How can I find out more?

For more information, contact Vinnies' Manager Corporate Engagement, to discuss how we can work together to help people to break free from the cycle of poverty.

P 08 6323 7529
E partnerships@svdpwa.org.au

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