SPER Hardship

SPER Hardship

We know that paying off your State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER) debt can be difficult. We're here to help.

Learn More About Our SPER Hardship Partner Program 

The St Vincent de Paul Society QLD is a trusted place for Queenslanders to turn to for help when struggling with SPER debt.

We are a hardship partner with the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER). If you are in financial need, St Vincent de Paul QLD can give you the chance to pay off your SPER debt.  

The State Penalties Enforcement Registry is responsible for the collection and enforcement of unpaid fines and penalties and we can help you pay off your SPER debt over time.  

A manageable way of making your fine payments, while paying down your SPER debt, is to apply for a Work and Development Order (WDO) with us.   

A Work and Development Order allows you to do activities through St Vincent de Paul QLD services to reduce your SPER debt. This could include, but is not limited to:   

  • volunteering at one of our Vinnies stores or warehouses, or   
  • engaging in one of our programs, including our Family Intervention Services, Specialist Homelessness Services, Clemente, Skilling Queenslanders for Work, and Alcohol or Other Drug services.  

In most cases, a Work and Development Order through one of our programs is secured via internal referral from an authority within the program, and therefore must already be enrolled in the program. 

The rate that your SPER debt reduces starts at $30 per hour, and you can reduce your debt by up to $1000/month.   

We want to ensure you get the right help. If you're ready to get assistance, read below for eligibility and next steps.

Are You Eligible?

Want to Apply?

*Note: You will also need to complete the consent form before starting your work order. You can find the form here.

To learn more about our SPER hardship program and what you need to do to get a Work and Development Order, download this fact sheet here 

To get in touch, simply call us on 1800 846 643 or email us at sper@svdpqld.org.au and ask about our SPER Hardship Partner Program.

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