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Soccer Stars Program

We know that playing sport is great for development. We're here to help.

Learn More About Our Soccer Stars Program 

We believe that sports is a great way to teach children key life skills in a fun, teamwork environment.

Vinnies Youth Soccer Stars is one of our youth programs run by volunteers aged 16+ that provides children aged 8 to 11 years with the chance to be active and socialise through soccer, and other sports. Soccer Stars is a great way for young people who need support and want to participate in sports. Best of all, the program is free, inclusive, and accessible to everyone. 

Our Soccer Stars Program aims to give children aged 8 – 11 years: 

  • a sense of belonging, 
  • social connection and friendships, 
  • positive role models to support and guide them, and 
  • sporting skills e.g. good sportsmanship.  


Our Soccer Stars sessions are held across Queensland. Some locations may offer sports other than soccer. 

How The Soccer Stars Program Works 

Soccer Stars sessions go for an hour and a half. Our amazing volunteers start with some fun warm up games to get everyone energised. From there, children will get the opportunity to practice their soccer skills through a series of drills. To finish off the session, everyone takes part in a soccer match to put their new techniques and skills into practice.    

All equipment is provided on the day – including soccer boots and gear for children who don’t have them.  

Kids playing Soccer for Vinnies Soccer Stars

Are You Eligible?

Vinnies Soccer Stars soccer game

How To Apply

“The soccer program is amazing! My boys love being able to connect with other children that enjoy soccer. With everything rising in cost, I have not been able to afford sporting activities. This is a God send program.”

- Parent of Soccer Stars Participants
Vinnies Soccer Stars participant and volunteer high-fiving

Looking To Volunteer?

To volunteer, you must be 16 years or older and be available to attend the Soccer Stars Program sessions once a fortnight. You will also need to complete our mandatory volunteer training, undergo a police check, and have a Blue Card if you are over the age of 18.

“The Soccer Stars program has been a great positive in my life, simply in seeing how these children have developed in terms of their social capability and resilience.”

- Soccer Stars Volunteer

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