Home Stay

Home Stay

We understand that maintaining a tenancy can be difficult. We're here to help.

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Supporting You Through Home Stay  

Our team state-wide are working with Queenslanders to provide a hand-up, not just a hand out.

If you are in rent arrears or facing eviction, we can provide you with advice and information on home stay arrangements. We also provide help with tenancy sustainment or tenancy support if you are at risk of homelessness.  

Our team can help you understand your tenancy rights and responsibilities by:  

  • providing information and guidance on your rights, 
  • helping you negotiate with your property owner or real estate agent, 
  • assisting with resolving any conflicts or issues, 
  • helping you to understand the eviction process, and; 
  • providing advice on dispute resolution.  

We can also refer you to financial counselling services if needed.  

We want to ensure you get the right help. If you're ready to get assistance, read below for eligibility and next steps.

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Are You Eligible?

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How To Get Help

If you are a service provider wanting to refer a person to us who is at-risk of homelessness or eviction, please contact us here.

If you are a property owner or real estate agent looking to refer a person to us who is experiencing difficulties that may lead to eviction, please contact us here.

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Looking To Volunteer?

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