What is Overseas Partnerships & Development?

The St Vincent de Paul Society is committed to providing support and assistance to developing countries in the following three ways – financially, spiritually and by correspondence.

Programs we offer include:

• Assist a Student Program - is an education scholarship initiative aimed at providing primary and secondary students throughout Asia and the Pacific an opportunity to achieve an education. A donation of $70 to a student will assist in providing school and educational related expenses such as books and uniforms.
• Twinning - is a partnership between an Australian conference and an overseas conference within the Asia and Oceania region. Links with our twinned countries help strengthen relationships and enriches cultural exchange. Financial assistance is important in assisting conferences in developing countries who have very limited resources.  Australian twins make regular contributions to their overseas twins, special grants at Christmas and Easter time and finance a range of projects initiated by their twins. 
• Projects - funded by the Society for Overseas Conferences include cow or goat banks, and self help projects such as providing sewing machines and supporting a childcare centre. These projects are aimed at increasing the degree of self-sufficiency of the twinned conferences and the families they support.

How can I find out more?

For further information, please contact Overseas Partnerships & Development by phone (08) 6323 7500 or email info@svdpwa.org.au.