What is Mental Health Service?

Vinnies Mental Health Service uses a recovery focused model, led by the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to rebuild their lives.
Our accommodation service includes a 28 unit facility known as The Village, which provides an intensive 24 hour supportive service, involving on-site case management and assistance to residents living in self-contained units.
For people who needs are less intensive and who seek to be more independent, our six community shared houses provide supported accommodation for a further 25 people, offering visiting support and case management, weekday supervision, food preparation and cleaning assistance to residents.

What are the benefits of accessing this service?

Vinnies Mental Health service staff work with people to help build individual life skills, set and reach their goals, make informed choice about their recovery journey and reconnect with family and the community whilst building their capacity and confidence.

How can I find out more?

Mental Health Services operates a waiting list for its accommodation services. Basic information about referral processes can be provided by phoning the service. For a full referral to Mental Health Services, people are asked to involve their clinician so an assessment can be arranged and collaborative care arrangements can be put in place.

For further information, please contact us at Mental Health Services.
Phone: (08) 9374 3200
Email:  reception.vincentcare@svdpwa.org.au