What is Vincentcare?

Vincentcare provides accommodation and support for individuals experiencing severe and enduring mental illness including those who have a history of homelessness while encouraging them to develop their independence and life skills. Vincentcare staff assist and support consumers in their rehabilitation and recovery journey, enabling them to maintain optimum levels of wellness and improve their quality of life.

Vincentcare delivers continuity of care and stability to people, in partnership and collaboration with other service providers. The Vincentcare model of service delivery is non medical and founded on the principles of social justice and community inclusion.

Where is Vincentcare located?

Vincentcare accommodation is located across metropolitan Western Australia and includes a range of different support levels. The following accommodation options are offered:
• Vincentian Village: Offering 24 hour support, onsite case management, food preparation and provision, laundry and cleaning assistance to residents living in self-contained units.
• Shared Houses: Offering visiting support and case management, weekday supervision, food preparation and cleaning assistance to residents in houses shared of 3-6 people.
• Social Housing: Limited visiting support for those who are capable of independent living.

What are the benefits of accessing this service?

Vincentcare provides individuals with a safe living environment and encourages decision making, choices and personal responsibility. Personal growth, self esteem and participation in community life is enhanced by living in Vincentcare accommodation. Friendships and relationships are encouraged and supported.

Vincentcare provides residents with the opportunity to be involved in leisure, recreational and training activities to broaden their networks and confidence in everyday environments. These include: fitness, skills development, art and craft, computer literacy, socialisation and community access.

What is the history of Vincentcare?

Vincentcare is a Special Work of the St Vincent de Paul Society in Western Australia. Vincentcare’s first house was opened in 1996.

What other services does Vincentcare provide?

In addition to specialist mental health services, Vincentcare also has projects that target people experiencing homelessness.
• Tom Fisher House: A custom designed and built facility that will provide a safe place to sleep for individuals who have been sleeping rough in the Perth city area. The service receives referrals from Street to Home’s Assertive Outreach team and offers consumers somewhere to shower, wash clothes, prepare a light meal, receive basic first aid and access information, counselling and connect with other service providers to help individuals transition into a new life off the streets. Opening in 2014.
• Prospect House: Offers transitional accommodation and support to homeless men and families in Albany.

How can I assist Vincentcare?

The community can support Vincentcare in the following ways:
• Material donations
• Financial donations
• Corporate partnerships

How can I find out more?

Vincentcare operates a waiting list for its accommodation services. Basic information about referral processes can be provided by phoning the service. For a full referral to Vincentcare specialist mental health services, people are asked to involve their clinician so an assessment can be arranged and collaborative care arrangements can be put in place.
For further information, please contact us at Vincentcare.
Phone: (08) 9374 3200
Email:  reception.vincentcare@svdpwa.org.au