Farmers: The Sages are a farming family who had been “bled dry” by the drought before the bushfires arrived, making matters even worse. “Where a lot of people including the government just leave you to your own devices, so to speak, [Vinnies has] always been making sure we’re alright.” >> Read more



Families: Storm, Al and baby Zeke lost everything when bushfires hit the Northern Tablelands town of Wytaliba (NSW). “Vinnies has been brilliant,” Al said. “The initial emergency funding came through quickly, and the ongoing support has been so important to helping us get through. The personal support is vital and really appreciated.” >> Read more



People who lost their livelihoods: The Tarmac Sawmill, near Rappville in northern NSW, was completely lost in the fires. “I can walk you around a timber mill and explain exactly what’s going on. But when it comes to going online and filling in forms, I’m totally lost,” said one employee, now out of work. “The fact of the matter is that I’m pretty much illiterate. That’s why today has been great… these guys [Vinnies] are wonderful.” >> Read more

People with disability or health concerns: Tinamaria narrowly avoided losing her home in the NSW South Coast bushfires, but the smoke inhalation added to the physical health problems she already experiences. The emotional trauma will stay with her, too. “You sort of get along just automatically, and then when you start talking about it you notice that it’d affected you more than you know.” >> Read more 


People who were uninsured: Anne was building a tiny home out of a shipping container, having recently moved after the devastating death of her mother. “When I tried to get insurance, they said it’s not quite a house and it’s not quite in contents and it’s not quite this, so I just fell through the cracks… So I said alright, leave it because in a couple of months I’m hoping to get it made into a house, and we’ll go from there. That never happened.” >> Read more 


On behalf of everyone at Vinnies and those we assist, thank you to the generous donors who supported the Vinnies Bushfire Appeal. We acknowledge all the people and organisations who provided donations both from home and overseas. In particular, we wish to thank our Vincentian brothers and sisters whose emotional and financial support during the peak of the bushfire crisis highlighted the collegiality that has its origins in the good works demonstrated by our founders. 

Below, a small sample of the people we supported share what your generosity has meant to them:

“The day St Vincent de Paul put that money into our account gave [my husband] so much hope, he knew he could feed his cattle." – Glynis 
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“Vinnies as an organisation has really - I mean, they're great. You can't speak highly enough of them.” – Lorraine 
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“I just want to convey my sincere thanks to Vinnies and the thousands of people who donated, for the generous donation given to me when I visited the Bush Fire Recovery Centre at the Batemans Bay Soldiers Club.  The people there were just great - understanding and sympathetic. ” – Ineke
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