Since 1865 in Western Australia through local parish based volunteer groups and Special Works, the St Vincent de Paul Society has sought to create a more just and compassionate society by responding directly to needs identified in the community.

The Society is made up of dedicated men and women of all backgrounds and ages who have made a commitment to the mission of the Society.

There are currently -:


Parish Conferences


Conference Members


Vinnies Youth Members & Volunteers


Special Works


Vinnies Shops & Depot







The St Vincent de Paul Society provides a helping hand to many West Australians through food assistance, material aid, budget advice, shelter, advocacy, friendship and support.

In the spirit of its founder, Frederic Ozanam the Society’s core work continues to be Home Visitation - whereby members and volunteers visit people in need in their home, offering them hope and comfort through emergency relief assistance.

The Society also has a number of services known as Special Works. Special Works are a professional facility or service run by the St Vincent de Paul Society and arise out of a need which cannot be met within the normal scope of the conference. Special Works provide a specific service and focus on ensuring the social, economic and political pressures placed on disadvantaged West Australians are lessened.  Special Works are managed and supported by a combination of members, volunteers and paid employees.  

The works undertaken by the Society in Western Australia are:

  1. Clothing & Furniture Distribution Centre
  2. Emergency Relief & Home Visitation
  3. Financial Counselling
  4. Mental Health Services
  5. Overseas Partnerships & Development
  6. Passages Youth Engagement Hub
  7. Social Justice Advocacy
  8. Vinnies Shops
  9. Vinnies Youth

For further information, please call (08) 6323 7500 or email