Brad Hocking says his time as a Vincentian began with ‘a mistake’ but he has only fond memories of his time with the Society which began when his youth group found itself double-booked at a church hall… the other group turned out to be the Vinnies conference from the Adelaide suburb of Seacombe Gardens. 

Despite volunteering roles with sporting clubs and growing up in a disadvantaged suburb, Brad was largely unaware of the community work done by Vinnies volunteers. Their spirit and dedication to helping people in need impressed him, and soon he became a member. 

A chance encounter later found Brad sitting next to then-SA State President Cathy Beaton whose mentoring would help him to eventually take on the role himself in October 2020.

Brad says the spirituality of the Society is a source of nourishment  – ‘My faith journey and my Vinnies journey are intrinsically linked. Our staff, members and volunteers constantly impress me with their dedication and commitment to the Society and our companions.’

Brad and his wife have four young children and the family enjoys Vinnies events and bargain hunting at our shops. They have a 10:1 sustainability policy - the kids must donate 10 toys to buy one each.

Brad works as a consultant engineer at Copperleaf Technologies. He has a strong focus on innovation and was awarded one of Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers Award for 2020 by Engineers Australia.