There are three categories of membership of the Society. Conference members are those who belong to the grassroots groups within the Society known as conferences. They live their Catholic faith in action through the spirit of Christian charity.  Associate members are those who are committed to the ethos, mission, aims and objects of the Society and who assist the work of the Society, but do not attend conference meetings.  Volunteer members are those who respect the ethos, mission, aims and objects of the Society and who volunteer in any of the Society’s works. Associate and Volunteer members are registered by procedures established by the relevant State or Territory Council. Please visit the Become a Member section of this website for more information.


A conference can be established within any community such as a parish, town, suburb, school, university, workplace, ethnic or social group providing they are endorsed by an appropriate Council within the Society. Conference members meet regularly, usually weekly but at least fortnightly and no work of charity is foreign to them. Together they visit people in their homes, in hospitals, institutions or wherever else they may be found needing aid or comfort. Conference work is not limited to home visitation, members also meet and pray together at others times. To read more about the role of prayer in conferences please visit Spirituality of the Society.

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