• Prayer of healing and protection

    We start the year with a heavy heart, as much of our country is living through the bushfires that burn through so much of our land.

  • Christmas a Time for Love

    Our Lord Jesus Christ is the true model and great invisible portrait on whom we must fashion all our actions. The most...

  • Feast Day of St Vincent de Paul

    Indifference or detachment from our own will is necessary to be able to truly be present to the person that we are serving.

  • National Council Meeting

    In this time in our church and our world, leaders are called upon to help our members make the changes that are necessary. We can do this by articulating clearly the mission of the Society, drawing on the faith of our...

  • Serving in hope

    In our work with people in need we are often called upon to be holders of hope for them because they come to us at times of great need when it can be hard to see the road ahead.

  • Vincentian call to holiness

    For Vincentians this is not another thing for you to do but rather a recognition that what you are already doing is the path to holiness