What is Twinning?

Twinning has three aims:

         to provide Conferences (parish groups of Society members) and Councils with both material and spiritual support, to assist them in undertaking their Vincentian work.

         to facilitate communication between Conferences and Councils around the world, promoting a spirit of understanding, friendship and solidarity among all Vincentians.

         to promote the establishment of new conferences and Councils by helping them in their formation, training and expansion.

Twinning endeavours to move a supported conference to self-sufficiency.

Who benefits from Twinning?

The St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia is twinned in partnerships with 14 countries. Our Conferences and Councils express their twinning commitment by sharing their spirituality through prayer, their culture through letters and financial resources through a basic quarterly contribution of $80, and an optional grant at Easter and Christmas time.

Twinning is only open to those countries in which the St Vincent de Paul Society operates. Currently twinning commitments have evolved between the 153 countries throughout the world.

From the Philippines - a report of twinning activities, and an overall picture of twinning.

Read some news from twinned overseas conferences

Interested in finding out more about twinning or having your conference commence a twinning relationship with a conference overseas? Contact the National Office for more details.