What are partnership projects?

Australian conferences may, from time to time receive a project application request from their twinned conference. These projects generally are under AUD 2,000 in value and are designed to build the capacity or provide assistance with earning an income of community members where the twinned conference operates.

Projects may include cow and goat banks, water systems, tailoring and other small livelihood programs. Projects may also provide technical skills through education and training, or support small enterprises in areas such as garment making, fishing, and food production through farming.

Who benefits from this service?

Project are initiated by overseas twins with their country's National Council, and are designed to help people the overseas conference supports move toward becoming self-sufficient.  Donor Vincentians benefit by being exposed to the richness of faith, humility and hope of our twinned Vincentians. The National Council of Australia encourages conferences to support their twins in funding projects.

Contact us about overseas projects

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