Fundraise for Vinnies NT!

Help us change the lives of thousands of men, women and children experiencing disadvantage.

Why fundraise for us?

There are many reasons why people like you put their hand up and fundraise for us. Whether you want to make a fun event a meaningful one, inspire others to become more aware of the needs in our community, or you want to put your faith into action, by fundraising for us you’ll make a world of difference to people in need. Here are some examples of what you’ll help us do:

  • Ensure there are groceries in the pantry for a family that needs a hand
  • Help someone in crisis to have a bed and a safe place to stay tonight
  • Make sure every school kid can have breakfast so they can do their best
  • Support a struggling family so they can pay the electricity and other vital bills

Get started today!

Your next step depends on whether this is a solo effort and you just need a fundraising page or if you want to organise a fundraiser event for your school, work or parish community.

Whatever your plans, let us help you make fundraising easy and successful.

Got questions or want further help? Get in touch today on or call us on 08 8948 8100.