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The National Council of the St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia has agreed to hold a National Congress on 27-29 October 2023.

National Congress 2023+ will bring Society Leaders from across Australia together to reflect on the Society’s strategic vision on critical matters relating to the Society’s membership, mission and spirituality, and to guide the direction of the Society into the future.

The program will include keynote presentations, workshops to capture the views of members on key future challenges, and opportunities for spiritual reflection and renewal.

A project team has been established in the National Council Secretariate to support the delivery of National Congress 2023+ and co-design process is underway to ensure the congress reflects the views of Members.

The Conference theme - Journeying Together, Revitalising our Mission, asks us to:

Reflect on our purpose

Share best practices and success stories that are occurring across the country

Think creatively and find news ways to engage and support new members and volunteers

Contribute to a culture of community and collaboration that aims for continuous improvement

This event will provide a unique opportunity for Society leadership to come together to explore common obstacles and realities facing the Society as a whole, as well as each State and Territory Council.

National Congress 2023+ and the workshops that follow will be a crucial step in the Society’s membership revitalisation agenda, where together alongside fellow Vincentian leaders we can not only discuss barriers to membership but also dream and envision what Society work and conference involvement can, and should, look like. 

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Journeying Together, Revitalising our Mission