General support and advice

As part of our general support services to the most vulnerable among us, Vinnies has a number of programs that we call our special work.

Our special work includes home visitations, carried out by members of the St Vincent de Paul Society on a voluntary basis. Our members belong to conferences, which are typically parish-based groups of people who respond to calls for assistance from people in need in their local community. Conference members visit people in their homes, in hospitals and in prisons. We try to find the most appropriate response to the needs of that person or their family. This might involve having a friendly chat or it might involve providing information, advocacy, food or food vouchers, clothing, furniture, budget support, assistance with utility bills or back to school costs.

Anyone can access this service providing they have expressed a need for our assistance. We’re aware of the immense privilege it is to be invited into someone’s home, and we’ll only visit someone in their home if we’ve been invited. We’re one of only a few Australian charities to carry out such visits in homes, hospitals and prisons across the country. The visits are informal and our members are very sensitive to people’s needs.

Home visitation is a way by which people can be supported and encouraged to take control of their lives. It allows members the privileged opportunity to enter another’s home and life, to accompany them as they move forward.

Learn more about home visitations in your area, including how to get involved.