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You'll love what you find at Vinnies! Across our 110+ shops we offer a wide range of pre-loved clothing, household items, furniture and bric-a-brac.

Our ability to serve the community through our Vinnies Shops relies solely on the kindness and generosity of the people who continue to donate quality items to us. With the sale of goods in our shops, we are able to provide crucial material and financial support to people in need.

Thanks to our amazing volunteers. Your ongoing commitment keeps the running costs down and, in turn, we  provide greater support to our community.

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Vinnies Shops offer a great range of products at affordable prices – making our shops a great destination for people from all walks of life. By shopping at Vinnies, you know that you're contributing to something truly special in the community. 

Our Vinnies Shops exist to provide a shopping experience which allows customers to buy goods from our shops with every dollar spent going back into the local community. We’re also able to provide direct assistance to people experiencing disadvantage through the provision of gift vouchers that are used to purchase items during tough times.

Each year we are able to provide essential material aid and support to the community.

Donations received at our stores are sorted and prepared for sale by an army of volunteers. Our volunteers price each item at rates that are both affordable and accessible. Pricing is based on the condition and quality of each, individual item.

Our volunteers receive training and instruction on pricing and when in doubt, our store managers are available for guidance. Our volunteers know the importance of making sure items are priced affordably, however they also understand that we have a responsibility to price our goods at a rate that allows us to help many people as possible.

It is important that we honour the donations we receive and price items based on their quality and ‘market value’. When we receive a rare or unique item, we thoroughly research its potential value. We never want to over-price items, but we are mindful of fair value and careful not to under-price unique and valuable items.

Vinnies Shops adopt a very local, grass roots model of assistance. In addition to our shops, Vinnies has thousands of members across the state volunteering their time to provide support and assistance through our Home Visitation service. This allows us to specifically meet the welfare and emergency relief requirements of the immediate community.

Each of our Vinnies Shops has a close connection to these volunteers, often working closely to provide clothing, food, furniture and financial assistance to people experiencing disadvantage. Their ability to provide this welfare assistance is a direct result of profits generated from the sale of goods in store in that local area.

You'll love what you find at Vinnies!

Volunteer with us

Volunteer with Vinnies

Join the Vinnies family of 5,000+ volunteers across 110+ Vinnies Shops in Victoria. Share your expertise, learn new skills and develop great friendships.

Do good. Feel good.


Our Sustainability

Going Green with Vinnies

In our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability, our iconic Vinnies Shops have diverted millions of tonnes of clothes and homewares away from landfill by repurposing and selling them to our three million loyal customers.


Donate Goods

Donations do make a difference

By donating your good quality clothes, books, furniture and bric-a-brac you are making a positive difference.


You'll love what you find

Vinnies eBay

An exciting retail platform created to sell unique items across all categories including: toys, clothing, furniture and collectables.


About Vinnies

About Vinnies

The first Vinnies Shop was established in 1926 and continues today in Ascot Vale providing essential items to assist our good works that get people back on their feet.


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Be rewarded every time you op-shop, by joining the Vinnies VIP Club.


Vinnies Vault Card

A present with a purpose

The Vinnies Vault Card is the perfect gift or stocking filler, available exclusively from Vinnies Shops in Victoria.


Winter Vault Card

Winter Vault Card

The limited edition Winter Vault Card is the perfect gift, available exclusively from Vinnies Shops in Victoria.

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Vinnies Vault Card

A present with purpose

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