Vinnies Shops - Victoria

Vinnies operates over 100 shops across Victoria.  All these stores offer a great range of pre-loved clothing and household items.  

Vinnies Shops exist to help those less fortunate and in need of assistance.  We aim to do this at a local and grass roots level, in one of two ways:

  1. Offering a great range of quality, pre-loved items at affordable prices
  2. Using profits from the sale of goods, to provide resources and fund the many support services we offer

Our ability to provide this type of support is reliant on the donation of quality items and we actively encourage the donation of clothing and household items.

Vinnies Shops offer a great range of products at affordable prices – making them a great place for anyone to shop.

To find your local Vinnies click here: 

  • Unwrapped Gifts

    Unwrapped Gifts

    Buy a Vinnies Unwrapped Gift for your family and friends this Christmas and give someone the gift of hope. Now that’s a gift worthy of giving!

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  • Vinnies Gift Cards

    Vinnies Gift Cards

    Shop now for Vinnies Gift Cards! A Vinnies Gift Card opens up a world of possibility and lets the recipient shop when and how they like! So if you’re struggling to find that perfect gift, why not give the gift of choice. And with all profits from...

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  • Pre-loved to Re-loved

    Pre-loved to Re-loved

    Help us transform your pre-loved into re-loved. We urgently need all sorts of general household items, including crockery, cutlery, glassware, vases and collectibles to help to stock our stores.

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  • Make a splash

    Make a splash

    Make a splash this summer Dive into Vinnies to shop a fresh new summer look that will be sure to make waves. Plus, feel good shopping, knowing that proceeds from the sale of all goods, goes to help those in need in your local community! Share your...

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  • Seeking Homewares

    Seeking Homewares

    Now is the perfect time to spring clean those cabinets, cupboards and shelves and breathe new life into your home.

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  • Unique Homewares

    Unique Homewares

    From the quirky and cute to the chic and classy, Vinnies has one-of-a-kind pieces to restyle your home!

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  • Blogger Tips & Tricks

    Blogger Tips & Tricks

    Check out the blogs of these keen op-shoppers for heaps of great styling tips and tricks!

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  • Donate Goods

    Donate Goods

    Vinnies Shops welcome both corporate and personal donations. The sale of all donated goods goes directly to those less fortunate who need a helping hand.

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  • More about Vinnies

    More about Vinnies

    More about Vinnies WHY WE EXIST Our Vinnies Shops exist to provide a shopping experience which allows customers to buy goods from our shops with every dollar spent going back into the local community. We’re also able to provide direct assistance to...

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  • Volunteering


    By volunteering in one of our shops you can be sure you’re making a difference.

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  • What's New

    What's New

    There’s a lot happening in Vinnies Victorian Shops!

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