COVID-19 Vinnies NT updates

As an organisation working with vulnerable members of the community, we are always mindful of the health and safety of the people we assist. We’re also committed to the wellbeing of our members, volunteers and staff as well as our customers.

For helpful and up-to-date information please visit:

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak we have introduced several measures to minimise the risk of infection and transmission through our services, shops and administrative office. This includes circulating information on hand hygiene and coughing/sneezing etiquette as well as the distribution of sanitisers and face masks.

We are remaining open and running, but we ask that you please do not visit our services, members conferences or shops if you’re experiencing symptoms of coronavirus such as:

  • fever
  • flu like symptoms such as coughing, sore throat and fatigue
  • shortness of breath

We are asking our staff, members and volunteers to stay at home if they show any signs of the virus.

This decision to temporarily change our services is not one Vinnies NT has taken lightly but we are serious in considering everyone’s safety.

Please note: That we are not going away! We are determined to do everything we can to provide support to everyone who relies on our service. Rest assured, that once this crisis is over, our services will be operating as we always do.

Be kind, be strong and support one another during this stressful time.

Changes to our current services are:

Ozanam House - Stuart Park

Following advice from the NT Government, Ozanam House will move to operate under a different model due to the directive of mass gatherings. We will continue to assist our companions through a take-away provision of meals. We will continue to review how we deliver this service to ensure we are in line with any new updates and directives from the Government.

Operating times until such further notice will be:

Monday - Friday

Breakfast: 8:00am - 9:00am

Lunch: 11:00am - 12:00pm

Access into Ozanam House will be restricted. A takeaway service will be setup at the double gate access point and social distancing rules will be monitored and supervised accordingly.

Emergency Relief

Our Emergency Relief services are currently open. We are planning for an increased demand and looking at different models of operation including a telephone support service and alternative methods of delivery for vouchers and support.

Conferences and Visitation

Conferences are reviewing their practices, and some have ceased face to face meetings and visitation due to the higher risk profile of their members. Please ensure you keep the President informed of any changes. We are looking at ways in which we can stay connected with each other through online meeting methods and telephone support to our companions. Donations of furniture and whitegoods have decreased with current stock levels at a very low level.

Vinnies Stores

Most Vinnies Stores remain open in the Northern Territory. We believe it is important to remain open while it is safe to do so. Our shops provide a valuable community service and the income supports the most vulnerable in our community. This is being monitored daily as resourcing and government recommendations change.

Stores opened:

  • Casuarina
  • Darwin City
  • Fannie Bay
  • Palmerston
  • Stuart Park
  • Winnellie
  • Alice Springs
  • Tennant Creek
  • Katherine

Stores closed:

  • Coolalinga
  • Coconut Grove - Whitegoods and Furniture

We are closely monitoring government advice and developing continuity plans to ensure our tenants will be supported in the event of further restrictions. Our process for delivery of electricity cards has been changed and we have a process in place if one of our tenants was to contract the virus.

Community Home Support Program (CHSP)

As this program supports one of the most vulnerable groups to coronavirus, the elderly, we have adapted our practices with our maintenance team ensuring safe distance. We have ceased the provision of in-home services and are focusing on garden maintenance services. We have also communicated to the elderly to let them know that we will continue to provide this service but please do not feel offended if our team only offer a friendly wave rather than come over for a chat.

Material donations

Currently, we welcome quality donations of clothing, accessories and household goods, as normal. Donations to Vinnies Shops are critical to ensure we continue delivering support services in a time of increased need.

The Society is following the necessary advice from government and health authorities and has implemented additional measures for safe handling of donations.

Item pick-up and drop-off

Due to social distancing requirements we have ceased all collection and delivery of items to residences.

If you can, please hold to your items as we will be delighted to collect your generous donation once the health crisis has passed, or you should feel free to pass it on to any charity of your choice.


We need volunteers right now more than ever, as we're already seeing more people coming to us for help, while some of our current volunteers - especially those who are older or with compromised immune systems - are being advised to self-isolate for safety. We ask that you consider your own safety and make the choice that is right for your health, your family and those who you would be helping while volunteering.

Remember the legal requirement for a valid National Police Check and an Ochre Card to enable you to volunteer.

Please contact us on 08 8948 8100 or email to enquire about volunteering with us.