Ormonde House

Located in Katherine, we offer housing for single men. Ormonde House accommodates 12 tenants. The housing on offer comprises a single freshly painted, furnished room with linen and a small fridge.

The property has a fully equipped communal kitchen and dining area, bathroom, showers and toilets.

Living at Ormonde House

In addition to providing a safe place to sleep, Ormonde House offers residents a sense of community.

To develop the skills and experience of sharing a home and being a good neighbour, Ormonde House residents participate in a weekly roster for the cleaning of the communal areas.

All our tenants are required to abide by the house rules set out in a signed agreement with us, this acts as your tenancy agreement.

If you are unclear about your rights and responsibilities to maintain your tenancy, you are encouraged to speak to your Tenancy Worker who is always happy to explain.

Please remember the basics for living in our housing - pay your rent on time, respect the quiet enjoyment of those living around you and do not cause damage to the property.

More than just a roof

While you reside at Ormonde House you are provided with case management support.

We can assist you with training for job readiness and generally developing confidence in those day to day skills that help you to look after your property and yourself. Household skills such as budgeting, cooking, cleaning, dealing with neighbours, appropriate social behaviour and understanding tenancy agreements.

We can facilitate referrals to specialist support agencies who can assist you with health, mental health, legal or financial issues, to name a few.

Ormonde House offers Supported Accommodation, which is short to medium term housing only, so while you are living here you are encouraged to continue to develop skills and opportunities to improve your prospects to secure other medium to longer term housing.

Eligibility for housing at Ormonde House

You must be a single man over 18 years of age that is homeless, or at risk of homelessness, and referred to our service by a support agency. If you are currently not engaged with a support agency, you can enquire with us directly on 08 8972 1956.

For more information

Call us on 08 8972 1956 or email admin@svdpnt.org.au.