Ted Collins Village

Located at Coconut Grove, we offer housing for families on a large garden block. Ted Collins Villlage accommodates 20 families. The housing on offer comprises two bedroom unfurnished units.

More than just a roof

Our experience working with people in need of housing has taught us that having a stable place to live is an important first step. But it is just the first step.

Having support from community networks and specialist support agencies can make all the difference to how well you and your family live in your new place.

While we do not provide case management at Ted Collins Village, our team actively offer residents information, referrals and opportunities to get involved and develop skills that may be supportive. They work with you and your family to identify any challenges and suggest a way forward to tackling some of these issues.

They can link you to agencies that can help you develop the skills to sustain a safe and stable living environment; along with introductions to other supports such as health services, or financial or legal services.

Ted Collins Village offers medium term or Transitional Housing only, you are encouraged to develop skills and opportunities to improve your prospects to secure longer term housing.

Living at Ted Collins Village

All our tenants at Ted Collins Village sign a tenancy agreement and are asked to abide by the responsibilities and rights outlined in the agreement to maintain their tenancy.

Please remember the basics for living in our housing - pay your rent on time, respect the quiet enjoyment of those living around you and do not cause damage to the property.

Eligibility for housing at Ted Collins Village

You must be a family that is homeless, or at risk of homelessness. If you are currently engaged with a support agency, they can refer you to our service.

If you are currently not engaged with a support agency you can contact us on 08 8948 8100 and we can provide you with information on next steps.

For more information

Call us on 08 8948 8100 or email admin@svdpnt.org.au.