What is the service?

Emergency Relief is a service solely run by St Vincent de Paul volunteers to provide support to people who are struggling and need a hand to get through a tough time.

We assist people by either asking them to visit a Vinnies shop or if they have physical disabilities preventing them, we may make a home visit. Help is provided in the form of clothes, food, bedding, furniture, short term accommodation, assistance with bills, bond and rent assistance. If problems are ongoing, then we also make referrals to programs such as financial couselling services or to our conference volunteers who may make a house visit.

Basic necessity food packages are distributed through Emergency Relief on a family size basis. Please see contact information below.

Please be aware the service only operates on specific days and times.

Who can access this service?

Anyone who is in need of assistance. We need income evidence and ID.

Where is the service located?

See below.

Who benefits from this service?

Anyone in the Northern Territory who needs our help. The Society serves those in need regardless of creed, ethnic or social background, health, gender, or political opinions

Can I volunteer for this service?


How can I find out more about Emergency Relief Services?

Please contact Darwin Vinnies shop between 10-12 weekdays. Walk in.
Phone: (08) 8985 5077
2 Westralia St, Stuart Park, NT 0820
Email: admin@svdpnt.org.au


Palmerston Vinnies shop 10-12 Monday - Wednesday, bookings are essential:
Phone: (08) 8932 4390

3 Rolyat St, Palmerston, NT 0831
Email: admin@svdpnt.org.au


Alice Springs Vinnies shop between 10-12 Monday and Wednesday. Walk in.

Phone: 8952 1074

38 Railway Tce, 0831

Email: palmerstoncentre@svdpnt.org.au