Transport Service

Being able to come and go as we need and at times that suit is a level of independence that many of us take for granted. For our aging clients, we recognise that this flexibility and independence is important when considering transport services.

Our transport service not only exists to help you with those essentials in life, such as doing the shopping, visiting the hairdresser or attending a medical or health appointment. It also exists to make life a little easier and more enjoyable. If you feel uncomfortable driving at night, or driving longer distances, or parking in the city to attend an appointment, you need not worry, you can book our transport service so you don’t have to miss out on life. You can use our service to catch up with family and friends and enjoy some time to connect with others and join in.

At the Society, we have been contracted by the Federal Government to deliver a Transport service through the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP). The service we offer is through the provision of CabCharge Cards which can be used to pay for Taxi Services.

All you need to do is book a taxi and pay with CabCharge.

Using the service

Once you have been approved for this service, you simply call us to organise your vouchers. The vouchers can be collected from our office located at 3 Bradshaw Terrace Casuarina, or dropped off at your home by one of our team. You can organise the number of vouchers you will require in advance, for example if you know what you will require over the coming weeks.

Once you have your vouchers, all you need to do is book a Blue Taxi and then pay using your vouchers.

Cost of services

The vouchers provided are to the value of $20 each way. While the government partially subsidises this service, a contribution of $2.00 per card will be required as of 1 September 2020.

How to apply

To apply for this service, you must register with My Aged Care and be assessed by the Regional Assessment Service to see if you are eligible. For details on this process click here.

For more information

Call us on 08 8948 8100 or email