About Congress 2023+

In 2022, National Council decided to convene a national congress to bring together the Society’s leaders from the States and Territories to discuss matters concerning our membership, the essential place of members in the Society’s foundations, and how we can encourage future members to secure the ongoing of the Society’s good works across Australia. 

National Council sees a coming together as the best opportunity to generate and share ideas among members and to secure the Society’s future in Australia. Our spirituality, mission, membership and youth national networks are helping to shape how we can best secure a resilient and strong membership that will lead us into the decade ahead. 

For our Society leaders, Congress 2023+ was a chance to network with other State and Territory Council members, to learn from keynote speakers and, to participate in interactive workshops. Leaders were encouraged to share ideas, identify potential challenges and explore some of the successes they identify along the journey to promote our Society’s mission. 

For the Society’s Conference members not involved in the face-to-face gathering, the Congress 2023+ initiative will include a series of post-congress workshops led by State and Territory Council Presidents. These are designed to continue the momentum arising from actions and conversations at local Conference level. 

Two women and two men facing the camera and smiling

Image: Sr Angela, Pat, Kylan and Abbey

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Journeying Together, Revitalising our Mission

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