About Congress 2023+

In 2022, National Council decided to convene a national congress to bring together leaders from the States and Territories to discuss matters concerning our membership and the essential place of members in the Society’s foundations, and how we can encourage future members to secure the ongoing of the Society’s good works across Australia.

National Council sees a coming together as the best opportunity to generate and share ideas among members and secure the Society’s future in Australia. Our spirituality, mission, membership and youth national networks are helping to shape how we explore securing a resilient and strong membership that will lead us into the decade ahead.

National Congress 2023+ is coming to Sydney on 27 to 29 October 2023

Participation in the face-to-face gathering will bring together Vincentians in leadership roles. This will include State and Territory Council members, youth and emerging leaders, key membership committee stakeholders, and membership focused staff.

Working towards National Congress 2023+ will see the distribution of resources and tools to engage and to assist local conferences to reflect and discern key Congress 2023 focus areas. The engagement strategy will enable members to explore a range of initiatives, identified as part of the National Congress 2023+ program, that will support the Society as a vibrant charitable organisation in contemporary Australia.

For our Society leaders, National Congress 2023+ will be a chance to network with other State and Territory Council members, to learn from keynote speakers and, to participate in interactive workshops. Leaders will be encouraged to share ideas, identify potential challenges and explore some of the successes they identify along the journey to promote our Society’s mission.

For our Conference members not involved in the face-to-face gathering, the National Congress 2023+ initiative will include a series of post-congress workshops led by State and Territory Council Presidents, designed to continue the momentum arising from actions and conversations at local Conference level.

The Congress program will aim to understand the current context and challenges at the local community level and to work together to identify and support innovative Conference solutions that encourage new members with the goal of making these pillars in a revitalisation program.

National Congress 2023+ promises to be an enriching experience, a platform for sharing ideas, gaining and continuing to build sustainable leadership networks. We hope your council embraces this opportunity to journey together towards Congress, and we look forward to welcoming you in Sydney in October.


Commencing 5.30pm Friday 27 October - 2.00pm Sunday 29 October


Novotel / Ibis Conference Centre, Sydney Olympic Park


Current and emerging leaders of the Society, key youth representatives, supported by key membership staff, Society CEOs and National Council’s Secretariate

Key milestones for State/Territory Councils



May 2023Discernment paper will be sent to Councils and Membership Committees as a tool for use with Conference members.
June 2023

Councils will be asked to submit a list of proposed Congress 2023+ delegates for National Council to extend an invitation. It is hoped that Congress delegates
will be primarily be made up of:

  • Current State/Territory Council members including Spiritual Advisors
  • Emerging State/Territory leaders
  • Active youth leaders
  • State/Territory CEOs
  • Membership Committee chair
  • Key membership and youth staff from each area.

Each State/Territory Council president will be sent the number of Congress spaces that have been allocated for coordination of the best local representatives
to attend Congress 2023+.

June 2023Registrations open 16 June.
July 2023Registrations will close 26 July (90 days prior).
August 2023Finalise travel arrangements. Final Congress 2023+ Program available for participants and Councils. Discernment paper distributed for all Society representatives.
September 2023St Vincent de Paul/Blessed Frederic Ozanam Feast Day Society Revitalisation Month – an invitation for each Council to celebrate locally their members good works and showcase
the various ways members make a difference in their local communities.
October 2023National Congress 2023+ (27 – 29 October 2023).
February 2024 & 
State/Territory Council led workshops exploring key decisions or discussions stemming from Congress 2023+. Locally led committees and networks supported to advance revitalisation
and renewal initiatives.

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Journeying Together, Revitalising our Mission