Secure work

Secure work

Australian workers deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. They must be able to pursue their rights and have just working conditions.

Everyone deserves a fair, living wage, one that provides job choice and security.

Despite job market growth, wages have stagnated for years and failed to keep up with inflation.

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What we do

We help by providing emergency relief, accommodation options and support to help get people back on their feet. This builds their capacity to undertake further skills development and employment options.


We advocate for improved job security.

This is because Australia has one of the highest rates of insecure employment in the OECD.

Insecure work means low pay, inferior rights, irregular hours, poor work/life balance, limited job tenure, limited access to leave, skills development and career pathways, and increased risk of injury, harassment, and wage theft.

Women, young people, single parents, temporary visa holders and people with lower skills are more likely to be employed in insecure work especially in the retail, hospitality, aged care, childcare, and agricultural sectors.

We support greater flexibility for job seekers and a system which better supports their needs.

We call for:

We call for

A timeframe

for implementing the remaining commitments made by the Australian Government to address wage suppression and undervalued jobs

A timeframe for

implementing the recommendations made by the Select Committee's Final Report on Workforce Australia Employment Services

A more detailed strategy

to assist the underemployed and the long-term unemployed

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