Our Community

Our Community

The St Vincent de Paul Society is made up of a network of people from diverse backgrounds, volunteering in different services and sharing their skills and expertise.

Our Members

Our Members - Giving a hand up

Members of the St Vincent de Paul Society is a person who wants to live out their faith in action by their commitment to the ethos, mission and vision of the Society. Members work through local groups, known as conferences, who serve people in our community who are marginalised and disadvantaged. Being a member involves commitment to carrying out the Gospel message of serving others through good works.


Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers - A community of givers

Volunteers are people who choose to support the St Vincent de Paul Society’s good works by giving their time to support our special works in various capacities. A volunteer respects the ethos, mission and the vision of the Society and participates in any of the Society’s works excluding conference work.


Our Youth

Our Youth - Making a difference

Conferences active in schools or universities and youth conferences are known as Vinnies Youth, members are aged 18 to mid-20s. Vinnies Youth members organise opportunities for children to enjoy leisure activities that they otherwise may not participate in. Vinnies Youth are also involved in other conference activities such as home visitation, assisting on soup vans, education programs and visiting people in nursing homes.


Our Culture

Our Culture - Embracing our diversity

The principles of inclusion and non-judgement are at the very heart of the St Vincent de Paul Society’s mission and origins.​ We are committed to ensuring anyone seeking our assistance is treated consistently and equitably irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, political, religious or philosophical allegiance, physical ability, family status, age or sexual orientation.


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