Vinnies Youth

Vinnies Youth

Vinnies Youth represents young volunteers aged 18 and over who contribute to the works of the St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria, often through Young Adult Conferences and Special Works programs. 

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“Striving to serve those in need and inspire positive social change through faith in action.”

- Vinnies Youth Mission Statement

Get involved with thousands of youth and young adults who are making a real difference through our Vinnies Youth.

The St Vincent de Paul Society started when 20-year-old Frederic Ozanam walked through the poorer areas of Paris on his way to university lectures. The conditions he saw made him decide to do something about it to make a difference in the lives of people in his community.

Today, Vinnies Youth brings together young people, youth and young adults to continue this legacy and the fight for a more just and compassionate society right.

From primary school through high school, university and beyond, the Society offers young people the opportunity to volunteer, learn and lead while making a difference in their community.

By getting involved, you’ll be joining hundreds of school and youth groups working alongside us to grow the next generation of social justice advocates.

You’ll also be supporting the work we do every day to help people in our community who need it most.

What do you need to know?

If you are aged between 18 and 35 and looking for opportunities to volunteer or gain work experience or become part of the St Vincent de Paul Society then Vinnies Youth is for you.

As a volunteer or member with Vinnies Youth, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to your local community by joining a youth conference.

You and your friends can make a real and lasting difference in the lives of people who are disadvantaged, marginalised or living in poverty, simply by finding out more.

For further information about becoming a volunteer with Vinnies Victoria,
email volunteer@svdp-vic.org.au

Young Vinnies Conferences

Make a difference in your community by joining a local St Vincent de Paul Society group, known as a ‘conference’.

Kids Day Out & Teens Day Out

Child-Related Activities (CRA) are run by the Youth Engagement Team at St Vincent de Paul by request of the conferences.

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