Green Sparks

Green Sparks

Vinnies Victoria launched their Electrical Test & Tag ‘Green Sparks’ Program to celebrate a volunteer-run recycling program which is dedicated to giving quality electrical goods a second chance at life.

Vinnies has trained and deployed over 200 passionate volunteers in more than 100 Vinnies Shops in all corners of the state. They are ready to receive quality electrical donations in-store, to test, tag and recycle the goods for sale. Every sale represents an important contribution to reducing harmful eWaste in Victoria.

Working in partnership with Sustainability Victoria, Vinnies Victoria has equipped their shops across Victoria with the required resources necessary to re-sell and re-use donated electrical items.

Vinnies Electrical Test & Tag ‘Green Sparks’ Program aims to reduce the need for Victorians to purchase new electrical items and therefore reduce the number of electrical items that end up in landfill or illegally dumped. Vinnies Victoria aims to educate and engage the public and their customers to better manage e-Waste and to extend product life through reuse.

Key outcomes and benefits include:

  • Diverting a further 40,000 items away from landfill, giving electrical items a second life in the community, and helping to comply with Victoria’s eWaste to landfill ban.
  • Revenue from sales of the electrical items will directly go back to the community to help those in need of assistance.

Tips for successful eWaste donation:

  • What: Electrical goods must be as new or fully functioning to qualify for donation.
  • Where: Check the location of your local Vinnies Shop by clicking here.
  • When: Visit your local Vinnies Shop during business hours so a dedicated test and tag volunteer can test and verify if your donation is suitable for test, tag and re-sale.
  • What next: Watch your electrical goods go to a deserving new home – with all profits from the sale supporting vulnerable Victorians through Vinnies’ vital frontline support services.

The official launch of the Electrical Test & Tag ‘Green Sparks’ Program was held on Saturday 4 June, celebrating Vinnies Victoria’ innovative work in the circular economy.

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